Gas filter systems

The function of Dry Gas Filters (also known as Gas Particulate or Dust Filters), is to remove solid contaminant from natural gas, where no liquid is present. Equipped with high-efficiency synthetic cartridges, this vessel offers an efficient method of filtering small-to-moderate quantities of solids to protect essential equipment in pipeline applications

How it Works

Natural gas enters the vessel through the cartridge compartment. The flow direction is outside-to-inside through the filter elements, which allows for maximum usage of the filter media. A number of crucial design aspects include nozzle positioning, filter element spacing, pressure drop, nozzle and riser velocity. Positive element seal and riser open areas are important aspects of the design. Units are constructed to ASME code requirements and can be furnished with a variety of quick opening closures and various element styles to suit most application.

Liquid filter systems

Liquid filter housings lead the industry in quality, reliability, and longevity

HF Series

HF high flow single and multiple cartridge filter housings have been designed specifically for high throughput and reduced CAPEX. Housings can be constructed in either a horizontal or vertical orientation depending on the availability of space.

M Series

The M series horizontal or vertical, multi-cartridge housing has the unique design of assuring the elements are seated in the mount receptacles before the closure can be tightened

Liquid filter cartridges

We provide process filtration solutions across oil & gas, refining, petrochemical, chemical and power generation markets among others.